Groove is everything; without it, music would simply be boring and flat. The bass guitar is the punch line of almost every genre of music we hear today, from jazz to rock to club music. Considered one of the two backbone instruments in a band, locking in with the kick bass of the drums in a disciplined rhythmic fashion is critical. Modern bass playing, however, has evolved beyond its traditional role of me-keeping; bassists today share the limelight with electric guitarists in creating funky and sometimes playful improvisations in their bass lines and solos. While developing strong fundamentals in rhythm and technique as well as having a good ear for melodic playing are both crucial elements, MMW provides the best of its facilities to any aspiring bassists in developing the ability to jive, groove and be the punch line of the band in both studio and stage settings.


Exam Syllabus: ROCKSCHOOL
Grade: 1 to Diploma


Standard Course Fees:


• Fees are inclusive of 6% GST tax.
• Fees rate above is standard at beginner level.
• Please contact us for more information.

“We will contact you for an appointment.”

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