An extension of its traditional acoustic cousin, the keyboard incorporates the latest sound processing technologies and systems in creating tones, colors, and layers that would otherwise be impossible to create using a normal piano, not to mention its portability and mobility between venues. Be it playing different types of pianos over a replica of an ensemble strings section, using existing synthesizer presets or creating custom psychedelic sounds, MMW’s focus in contemporary music allows access to its selection of modern music instruments, particularly in its range of keyboards and synthesizers, in understanding the origins of various sound profiles and effects and developing solid technique and foundation in keyboard applications in recording and live settings.

Exam Syllabus: ROCKSCHOOL
Grade: 1 to Diploma


Standard Course Fees:


• Fees are inclusive of 6% GST tax.
• Fees rate above is standard at beginner level.
• Please contact us for more information.

“We will contact you for an appointment.”

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