“Nothing beats being a rockstar”. That is perhaps one of the most coveted, unspoken desires of anyone who sings. After all, our tone, clarity and expression, combined with music, is what conveys the message of our voice.

While this course covers typical vocal techniques, it also provides ample stimulation and practical application on stage and in studio environments with live music accompaniment, where your performance knowledge, showmanship and confidence is developed and enhanced. One’s presentation and leadership skills are also heightened when delivering a performance in front of strangers. After all, poise is what makes a singer outstanding.

Whether your aim is to perform, become a recording artiste, or for simple enjoyment, MMW’s vocal course is focused on enabling you to express and convey your thoughts and feelings in a strong, impactful and personal way.

Exam Syllabus: ROCKSCHOOL
Grade: 1 to 8


  • Fees rate begin at RM265 for beginner level, monthly.
  • Beginner level is for beginner under 18 years old only
  • This is a one-to-one course, 50min class weekly.
  • Please contact us for more information.

“We will contact you for an appointment.”

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  1. Long says:

    I got my vocal grade 8 here. Awesome place. No regret.

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