Aaron K. Cargo

Electric, Acoustic & Classical Guitar Instructor

Aaron K. Cargo started to learn classical guitar at the age of 16. Consider a late starter, he never felt left out and enjoy every bits of lesson and practice until he passed ABRSM Grade 5 in a very short period of time. He quickly switch to electric guitar and again, it is the enjoyment that fuel him to rigorous practice until he passed his Rockschool Grade 8.

Now his journey in music has begun. He embark into performing line for 2 years, crafting his skills and built his network. Within the years, he formed a band call Mystical Mirage and they self produce an EP and with that achievement, the band continue to tour around Malaysia and often got invited to perform in prestigious event in Taiwan.

With the experience that Aaron possess, his teaching is very technical, fast and full of all round know-how of how to handle studio and stage. Students often learn to play furious electric guitar riff with variety of tone colours but on the other side, he could go gentle with classical tune and fingerstyle sentimental love songs.

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