Drum Instructor

“Listen to and play as much music as possible, put your time in it and you’ll be great!”

Bernard’s childhood involved being around the radio everyday, listening to mandarin songs that his grandmother would put on. He also got his influence from his uncle, who was a fan of Micheal Jackson, especially the No.1 hit song ‘Thriller’ during the 80s. However, he only got to play his first musical instrument at the age of 12, where he joined his school band playing the guitar.

A few years down the road, he ventured into different instruments including the drums, which he continues to pursue to this day. As for his tutoring profession, it was Bernard’s consciousness that struck him after performing for a call centre show in the bank that he was working in. He realized he wasn’t pursuing what he loved most– music. He eventually quit his banking job to be involved in the local music scene, where he collaborated with artistes such as Gina Panizales and Vanessa Tan.

Bernard intends to focus more on the education part of music in the future, explaining, “I will be more involved in clinics, not only for drums but for music itself.” As for now, he urges musicians to work hard, “Only a small percentage of you is talent. The rest is hard work and practice. You might have talent, but if you don’t work on it and be disciplined to make yourself better, then it’s difficult to be a great artiste,” he says, adding, “It’s not about what instrument or genre you play because music is an art. Listen to and play as much music as possible, put your time in it and you’ll be great!”

Qualifications and Notable Achievements

  • Studied music at the International College of Music (ICOM)
  • Yamaha Drums Grade 6

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