Nabil Nazmi


Guitar and Ukulele Instructor
Nabil Nazmi is a man who sees everything with music. A Bachelor in Education holder, his main objectives in life is to promote & spread good quality music for younger generations.

Started playing the guitar at the age of 13 and touting John Mayer as his number 1 music idol, he never looked back as he overtakes everything possibility in his music endeavour. A devoted blues fan, Nabil is also a performer since the age of 16, he went on to the streets of KL from 2009-2011 to overcome his fear of stage frights by busking.

As years go by, he is still active in the music scenes by involving with Astro Sdn Bhd in 2015 until now by doing projects such as the guitarist for Akademi Fantasia Akustika 2015, appearing on live Astro TV programme called Studio Otai, involved as the music arranger and responsible for making a new arrangement with national artists by recording his own voice & other artists in P Ramlee’s Suara Takbir during Astro Raya Campaign 2015 and performing solo at EH! Magazine 2015 attended by big local celebrities.

At the same time, he kept on working as a music tutor and guitar teacher on a part time basis due to his love on music education as well as sharing his knowledge with younger generations. He lives by a quote “Without music, life would be a mistake” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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