Things to Know About Music Career

As interesting as it may sounds, music career is not always the glorious work. In the public eye, only the tip of the ice berg is seen. While most of the attention goes to the singer or artiste or the band; there are many ”ninjas” working behind the stage to make a show successful.
Take your favourite song as example, you do who is the singer right? What about the name the writer, producer, lyricist, sound engineer, drum player, publisher, backup singers who involved in making this song a hit? All these hidden players are the bigger part of music industry. It is so much bigger than what you have imagine.

Let’s assume that you have been learning to play music for some time and achieved some grade for your instrument. You loved it and you think it’s cool. You started asking around if you should embark on music career. Some are supportive, some are naysayers. And it urges you to know more about music career.

Being a Frontliner
When you are young and energetic, you may want to consider being a front liner. You can work to be an artiste or a performing musician. It is always cool to amaze your audience and rock the stage with your music. You will even get to travel everywhere too. This type of career sounds perfect isn’t it? It’s like a dream job for many. However, you must first obtain the adequate skills to do so. You require playing skills way beyond grade 8 and you have to be stage ready. You cannot be shy to show off your skill. You also need to take care of your image. Try and review yourself now and measure where you are. How good are you now? How much time you need in order to be ready? What do you need to do to become a competent guitar player?

Music Production
If you are a person who likes to creates, you may consider becoming an arranger, sound engineer, recording musician, songwriter or producer. These people often work in small team or even solo usually in studio or in TV or radio station. You can produce music for film, TV series, corporate jingles or song arrangement for artiste. Skills that you required to do this is high and better if you are all rounder. This job may require you to study in higher level education or takes years to amass the skills through experience.

Education is regarded as most stable job in music career. You may teach in music school, public school or university. To be a music teacher, you are require teach the right content at the right time to students especially the younger ones. Learning is a progressive activity and it takes time. Students are like a piece of white paper and your job is to fill them up with good content. Music teacher also need to have communication skills, be analytical, observant, patient and passionate.

Product Specialist
Have you ever wonder who created that particular sound in your keyboard? If you are product oriented, you can work towards becoming a product consultant, marketer, salesperson, manufacturer, researcher or repairer. This sector is vast covering a wide variety of stable job and you can basically work for life. Although it requires some music skills, you don’t have to be an expert in playing.

Other Music Related Work
Lastly, there are many music related work such as concert organiser, promoter, radio DJ, publisher, audio engineer, sound & light provider. They are important contributors to the music industry too! Without them, the industry simply couldn’t work. Music skills are not needed for these positions but they do know how music industry works. These are stable jobs available for music lovers.

Whichever career you are considering now, you can interchange to other position from time to time based on your age and experience. For example, if you want to become a producer for a young new artiste, it will helps if you go through being an artiste, doing recording, performing and etc. You will know what is right and what is wrong as a producer to craft your artiste. You may be mature enough to train and manage your artiste well.

You may also take a few jobs at one time. It is common for a music teacher to teach during day time and performing in the night time. You can be a guitar serviceman and guitar salesman at the same time. It a common practice. Like every career, if you are very good at one job, and you can make enough living from it, you may better stick to one job. As your rank or profile goes higher, so do your income.

Poven Goh
30th May 2019