Anyone who born around this millennia are considerable lucky to have information technology at their finger tips. Do you know Paul McCartney travelled across Liverpool by bus to learn how to play B7 chord? Regardless of age, talent or background, there are now many options to learn music. Most we heard is learning from another teacher while others prefer to buy books and self learn. But now we even have apps that provide music lessons like a game. However the way, you must first decide how information get to you and which is the best way to amass those musical knowledge. 

#1 Learn From Music Teacher
Being a music teacher, one must’ve gone through a wealth of music knowledge in theory, practical and experience. They might even have other related experience like recording, performing, song writing or whatsoever that might help. A good teacher will pick the right lesson to feed to their students progressively. In music, student have to take their time to practice over their lesson and then move on to the next one. No one on earth can learn everything at once. This method will allow students to learn the right things at the right time. This will help to form a solid foundation, general understanding of how music works and eliminate any bad habits that may occur. 

Do you know that each person’s learning behaviours are different? Some are strong with visual while some are better with auditory or kinaesthetic. A good teacher will certainly aware of this and will deliver content to each student in different way. Sometimes teacher are trying to spark your interest, sometimes teacher are trying to build your confidence. So It is not just boring music theory or repetitive practice. It’s a wholesome of music.

#2 Learning With Online Lesson Module
There are now plenty of lesson module that allows students to learn at their own pace and at the comfort of your home. This module are usually much cheaper compare to learning from teacher. This is also good for those who are not convenient to travel far or music teacher simply not available at around you. And this method is good for those who just want to kick start some basic or just simply wanna learn some favourite tunes. 

This method will work unless you are a self motivated person who willing to learn and practice through every lesson progressively. Due to ‘one way communication’ nature, you are prone to develop bad playing habits which can be very difficult to change in future. Bad habits can become a burden and slow you down your progress. Unless the lesson provider can allow you to show them back your playing and give you comments in return. 
Learning at your own pace may sounds good to you but it is not recommended to drag too long. Once you are not practicing your instrument for a couple of weeks, you will loose your skills. And you need to re-practice again.  

3# Learning from YouTube
You can get lesson material at zero cost and isn’t that sounds good? Now what’s the catch and what is the set back? Many YouTube content are usually done by pro musicians teaching in randomly, that are usually nice to watch, sometimes mind blowing, motivational and entertaining. Whatever they are doing, they are did it to catch your attention and ultimately helps them increase their number of view and subscriber. They are doing it right. As on your side as a beginner, most of the time, that particular lesson might not suitable at your level. You might find that particular lesson are not easy to play even after months of trial. This is because maybe some lessons that they are showing are based on other foundations. Finding lesson material may also takes a lot of time because you may not know what to find. You might end up stray away to another interesting site as this often happen to anyone. 

Well, unless you are not a beginner, then YouTube can be a good handy supplement for your music study. Let’s not forget, watching people play is just one way of learning. A good music student can learn from listening alone or reading scores as well. 

#4 Learning from Apps
More and more music learning apps are now at the convenient of your finger tips. Not only it cost a little, it could be fun too. I’m totally amazed by the idea of turning music lesson to become like playing video game. So how effective is music course apps? It can be effective if you are driven to follow each every lesson. The apps are usually layout its lesson base on difficulty level. As you keep playing, your skills will keep getting better and better. 

Due to its nature, it cannot offer you more in-depth learning. The apps has to sacrifice some details in order for it to works within what a phone can do. They cannot tell you if you have develop any bad habit or playing with the wrong finger. Anyway, this is an amazing advancement through tech and apps learning can be a good supplement for beginner and an alternative fun game for children to kick start their musical interest. 

#5 Learn from books or internet
Written material regardless of physical book, ebook or online material can be treated as same. Let’s talk about quality. Books that are published are usually are well taken care of in terms of quality content, design and layout. Compare to free content on the internet, sometimes its is not written correctly. Another set back of buying books is that you may not know which one is suitable for you. Sometimes you gotta go with your guts or best is the get recommendation from someone expert. Either way, books on hand feels great. I don’t know about you but it does to me. 

So the choice is yours. Take note that all methods have its good and bad. Ask yourself where you want to be? What is your target? How committed you can be? As a kid, usually parent s can help decide for them and allocate the time schedule for them to practice but as for an adult, you gotta know yourself wether you are a go-getter person or an idler who need a push. You decide.