Nothing like playing music together. The MMW Band Course will set your band stage-ready with the right skills and persona to mesmerise your audience. But more importantly, it is the time spent during your practice in the studio. Our experienced facilitator will guide you through your practice regime, set up objectives, correct your mistakes, develop creativity, build the right attitude and work towards quality music using MMW professional facilities.

• Band Course is available for Pop band, Rock band, Worship band, Jazz band and String band.
• Participants must have basic music or playing skills or equivalent to grade 3 and above.
• Band Course is conducted in groups, minimum of 4 people per group.
• Duration of course is 1 hour per week.
• Optional band graded exam is available with Rockschool.
• There are many additional activities, recitals and performances available organised by the MMW management.
• The course is customisable upon request.
• Please contact us for more information.

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