It’s good to start young. The benefits is twofold. Kids who are in the age of 3 to 5 has limitation to play instruments. Either their fingers are too small to press a guitar or limited to their physical co-ordination to play drum. Another limitation is their understanding of how music works.

In Music Kingdom, kids are taught in group to learn about music rhythm and harmony in a fun way. There will be a lot of visual representation, music listening, percussion exercise, colouring and drawing work in the classroom to prepare them a general knowledge of music practical and theory. They will also get to exposed to various music instruments such as piano, ukulele, percussion and singing.

Music Kingdom is designed and facilitate by Pastor Mee Ling. She is also a dedicated piano teacher who obtained ABRSM Grade 8 and Trinity College London Diploma in classical piano and she is active in music missionary. Having decades of experience, she designed Music Kingdom Program specifically for kids in year 3 to 5 to prepare them for serious and specific music course. Kids who has gone through Music Kingdom often have the ability to learn instrument fast, more discipline, high in focus, refines discipline, improve academic skills and excel in overall future music study.

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