Have you ever wanted to play and sing along with a guitar anywhere you go? Have you ever wanted to impress someone with your musical prowess? Then the acoustic guitar is the best option to go! Not only is it a good accompanying instrument, it also combines techniques and styles from both classical and electric guitars to form its own unique style of play, also known as finger style. Besides, it is a portable instrument, which makes it convenient for you to perform anywhere you go! Playing the guitar has also been said to improve concentration and memory, which is a great benefit for students. Apart from regular lessons, you will be put in live-stage settings to push you beyond being a solo musician.

Exam Syllabus: ROCKSCHOOL


  • Fees rate begin at RM165 for beginner level monthly.
  • Beginner level is for beginner under 18 years old only
  • This is a one-to-one, 30min class.
  • Please contact us for more information.

“We will contact you for an appointment.”


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