Author: Stephanie


Nabil Nazmi

Guitar and Ukulele InstructorNabil Nazmi is a man who sees everything with music. A Bachelor in Education holder, his main objectives in life is to promote...


Jazzelle Liu

Vocal, Piano and Flute Instructor Born and raised in Taiwan, Jazzelle is an award-winning pianist & flutist. She holds a Degree in Flute and a Master...


James Long

Vocal Instructor Tenor, Performer, Vocal Teacher (Classical, Musical, Pop), Host James started his vocal training at the age of 16 and was admitted with a Full...


Kua Hui Sien

Violin and Piano Instructor Ms. Kua Hui Sien started her piano lesson at the age of 5 and she picks up her second instrument violin at...


Kerwa Lim

Violin Instructor Kerwa Lim started her music journey when she joined strings ensemble in her secondary school. With violin as her major, she has been selected...


Eugene Ng

Piano and Music Production Instructor Raised in a small town in Bentong, Pahang. Eugene started learning piano at the age of 7. He would often plays...

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