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Adriel graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Music (Hons) degree. Since then he has been performing with artists and ensembles around southeast Asia as a drummer and percussionist. Being an alumnus of the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, Adriel has been exposed to both classical and contemporary orchestral music.

In June 2018, Adriel performed alongside award-winning jazz vocalist and songwriter Gabrielle Stravelli as part of an event organised by the US embassy in Sabah called “America Days Sabah 2018” where he was joined by his brother Alton on the keys and Pat O’Leary on the double bass. In that same year in September, Adriel joined the ensemble which represented Malaysia as finalists in the Singapore International Jazz Battle.

He was also the semi-finalist in the International Jazz Battle in Bangkok in May 2019, hosted by Silpakorn University. Not long after that, he took part in the One People Project by Artist Green in Tokyo, headed by Yuki Arimasa. This was a collaboration between musicians across Asian countries from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan.

Along with his brother Alton, they founded a jazz ensemble known as Kangkung Belacan. They formed the group for the sole purpose of performing a set at the 2017 Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival’s young talent night but have since gone on to share their art through many other events. Since then they have been invited to perform at events such as the 2017 Jazz Fusion Concert organised by Universiti Sains Malaysia and Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival in 2018. The duo has also collaborated and performed in reputable jazz joints around the Klang Valley such as No Black Tie, Bobo KL and Alexis Ampang.

Some notable local Malaysian as well as international artists Adriel has had the pleasure of working with include Tay Cher Siang(WVC jazz ensemble), Winnie Ho, Janet Lee, May Mow, Michael Veerapan, Yuki Arimasa, Chi-Pin Hsieh, Kai-Ya Chang, Julian Chan, Seiichi Fukuyama, AJ ‘popshuvit’, Gabrielle and Patrick O’Leary, Shunnya Wakai, The Shanghai Sisters(group), and Bonahop(group).

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