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Anthony started learning music at the age of 12. His first influence is mostly church music in his hometown Bintangor, Sarawak. His first pick up instrument is bass guitar and after he watched the video of Sungha Jung he got influenced and started learning acoustic guitar at the age of 14. At that period, Anthony already amass most of hymn song available at that time. Also, he learned and played a lot of the Fingerstyle songs and even has his own compositions too. Knowing that music is his forte, he carried on pursuing in Bachelor of Contemporary Music Degree at the age of 19 in UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur. He learned wide variety of music influence mostly in funk, rock, fusion, and jazz during his uni life and apply into mainstream music while gigging around with fellow musician friends. During the time of school internship, Anthony stumbled across audio or music production and marketing work at Institute of Music in UCSI University. Little did he know, Anthony is good at music arranging and he is now pursuing to become a music producer.

Although Anthony just started teaching in the music industry, but he was passionate and really hope that he can passed his passion to the next generation. The biggest wish from Anthony is his student not only know how to play guitar, but also love it and bring this joy until forever. The biggest achievement for him in his music teaching is see his own students playing their favorite songs with their joyful face.

Currently, Anthony does not gig much but putting his focus into music production as his hobby. He has been arranging music for his own arrangement and projects, sometimes also asking his music friends to do the collaboration with him to improve his mixing and composition skills. The biggest dream from him is hope that he’s not only make music as his hobby but also hoping that one day his hobby will get known by more people and make it as the part of his career too. He is now on his way to realize his dream job at this young age and he intends to solidify his foundation by constantly improving his music and social skills.

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