David Loke

Drum/Music Production

Bahasa Malaysia

“If you have talent but don’t expose it, you don’t stand a chance.”

David grew up in a church setting where his musical influence came from. It started when he was just a 4 year old boy, seeing musicians in church jamming happily on stage. This was when his father sent him to drum lessons at the age of 5. Today, he is a Sound and Music Engineering graduate from Lim Kok Wing University.

David started teaching the drums at the age of 19, when he wanted to earn some extra pocket money during his university days. He eventually found satisfaction in teaching and continued ever since. He plays the drums in church and enjoys jamming to J-pop (Japanese pop) songs, in which he deems more challenging. Considering himself a shy person, he hopes to help other talented musicians get into the limelight by creating an online platform where musicians can showcase their talent. He implies, “Malaysia does not lack talent. It’s unnecessary to always invite international artistes considering the amount of talent Malaysia provides.”
David’s message to the younger musicians include pushing yourself forward and getting out there, stating, “It is difficult to be successful if you are a shy musician. Don’t conform to how others would view your intentions to be successful. If you have talent but don’t expose it, you don’t stand a chance.”

Qualifications and Notable Achievements

  • London College Music (LCM) – Drums Grade 7
  • Diploma in Sound and Music Engineering, Lim Kok Wing University
  • Performed at the Starpark Malaysia 2014 Concert in Mega Star Arena

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