Deborah Yee


Bahasa Malaysia

“Compare yourself to the yesterday you.”

Deborah’s musical influence started at a very tender age. Her father, Pastor James Yee, was an active musician in the Malaysian music scene, and still is to this day. During Deborah’s high school years, she was very active in choir and gained a lot of experience being the chairperson for her school choir.

Deborah started teaching music in her church youth ministry during her early 20s but went on to pursue her degree in Psychology and Masters in Clinical Psychology. Still, her passion for music steered her back into teaching part-time, allowing her to combine both of her favorite things, psychology and music. Subsequently, she has the ability to tutor autistic children. Deborah believes music can soothe the soul, “When the music plays and a person sings, it is something that speaks to the heart,” she quotes. Finding satisfaction in a successful lesson is what inspires Deborah to continue teaching music.

She has recorded a few albums throughout her music progression. Her recent christian album, 旋, whom she collaborates with a few other musicians, comprises of modernized hymn songs. As a musician, her advice is to just enjoy doing what you do and not worry about how others judge you, “Music is supposed to be a tool for you to express how you feel and what you want to say. It is supposed to be pure like that.” She also emphasizes that comparison is what causes insecurity, stating, “Comparison is a huge problem, not only in teenagers, but in everyone one of us. Compare yourself to the yesterday you.”

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