Jack Lin


Bahasa Malaysia

Jack started learning music at the age of 11. His first influence is mostly church music in Tawau, Sabah. At that period of time, Jack already amass most of hymn song available at that time. Knowing that music is his forte, he carry on to pursue in Bachelor of Contemporary Music Degree at the age of 21 in UCSI Kuala Lumpur. He learned wide variety of music influence mostly in jazz during his uni time and apply into mainstream music while gigging around with fellow musician friends. During the time of school internship, Jack stumbled across music arrangement work at 6-String Studio. Little did he know, Jack is good at music arranging and he is now pursuing to become a music producer.

Jack has been teaching in Mega Music World since 2016 and still many student’s favourite teacher thanks to his humble and humorous character. He likes to casually jam with other colleagues and students, creating music and laughter in the air.

Currently, Jack doesn’t gig much but putting his focus into studio work. He has been busy arranging music for several artiste, youtuber and influencer at Mojo Melisma Studio. He is now on his way to realise his dream job at this young age and he intents to solidify his foundation by constantly improving his music and social skills.

Qualifications and Notable Achievements

  • ABRSM Grade 8
  • Bachelor of Contemporary Music (Hons.) – UCSI University
  • Many stage performance experience
  • Music Arranger at Mojo Melisma Studio

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