Kidd Azmi


Bahasa Malaysia

Khidhir ‘Kidd’ Azmi is a professional drummer from Malaysia – and trust that he does not kid around with his craft!

Born and raised in KL, Kidd was introduced to drums at the young age of 12 and by the age of 16, he won his first ‘Best Drummer’ award at a local drum off before continuing to actively perform in the local music circuit. He is highly considered amongst his peers as a natural on drums, with his creative drum parts and tone never failing to reflect his cool and collected character.

Kidd strongly believes that drums are not just instruments but a voice wanting to be heard. He actively taught drums at community college whilst studying before formally graduating in 2013 with highly regarded Diploma in Music and performance from ASWARA.

In 2014, Kidd was offered the opportunity to tour across seas and oceans, and to perform in numerous venues, theatres and festivals aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise.

After 4 years of touring, Kidd returned to Malaysia in order to continue honing his craft ashore his own tanah air. Currently, Kidd is active with sessions and performances in Kuala Lumpur and as if 2019, is a drum teacher at Mega Music World.

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