Penny Wan


Bahasa Malaysia

Penny started her music journey at the very early age of 2 and a half, having inspired by her neighbour and started her piano lessons at this young age. Her parents witness her passion on music and decided to support fully on her passion. Penny attended YAMAHA music foundation at the age of 4 and also pursue with individual piano lessons at the age of 7. During her high school, she picked up her second instrument – Viola.  With these instruments she graduated with Diploma In Music- Majoring in Piano and Minor in Viola at SEGi University College.  

Back to her early young age, at the age of 10, she already starts serving in children church ministry as pianist, and also in other services when she grew older. Church is like her second home and Penny herself is a thick library of praise and worship songs. 

In her 20s, she started exploring in orchestral and gain lots of performing and playing experience in Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra. She believe that all these exposure gave her motivation and inspiration to move further and it truly helps her a lot on her music career as a teacher. With the spirit of “keep learning “, she attended many different workshops, seminars and classes such as Pop piano, Music group classes, Music class for special needs, Serve and praise in church, music notation and score arrangement.

Penny is playful in nature; her creativity gave her extra credit in music teaching career. Not only that she is teaching in a one to one class room setting, She has organised several Music Camp and music workshop for her students, help building interest, creativity and making music fun. After all these years of teaching, Penny believes that music learning isn’t only about classroom and teachers, but with experimenting and exposure.

“By experimenting, you taste and seen variety.”

“By exposure, you get inspired and motivated.”

Qualifications and Notable Achievements

·       Grade 8 ABRSM in Piano

·       Grade 5 ABRSM in Viola

·       YAMAHA Music Foundation

·       ATCL Trinity in PIANO

·       SEGi College University Diploma In Music

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