Stacey Lim


Bahasa Malaysia

Stacey’s childhood involves her father being a CD seller, which contributed to her musical influence. She started learning the piano at just 4 years old and has been actively involved in her school choir throughout her primary and secondary school years. She has also been performing in a band for several cosplay events during the past few years.

Stacey acquired a degree in psychology and has worked in several marketing companies while tutoring piano as her part-time earning. She is driven by the satisfaction that teaching music brings. Stacey is one who emphasizes on skills and techniques when playing the piano and constantly drives her students to do better.

When it comes to advice for younger musicians, she believes that learning to play the piano is not about oneself, adding, “It is about sharing what you know. Learning the piano in a music school allows you to have the chance to perform and join competitions.

It gives you the advantage of sharing and enjoying music with other people. So go out and talk to people about music!”

Qualifications and Notable Achievements

  • Yamaha Grade 5 Piano
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Practical & Theory
  • Associate Trinity College London (ATCL) in Piano
  • Performed with a band at a cosplay events
  • Musical Director for HELP FrequenC Concert 2015.

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