Vai Leong


Bahasa Malaysia

Vai Leong is a late starter music. He only pickup to learn guitar at the age on 18 years old because of being inspired by Japanese rock band. Although it is a good kickstart but he ended up staying to pop and blues.

Just like most of the teenagers, he was uncertain what undergraduate programme he would like to study, he bumped into Diploma course in Automotive. After graduating, he worked in some big company of the industry like Honda, Toyota and Mercedes. He slowly realised that he doesn’t want to further involve in automotive industry because his work is highly risky to finger injury while his heart for music grew stronger. With courage and no regret, he put down the previous work and go all out to music.

He enrolled to ASWARA music course and obtained his second Diploma after 3 years. This is where he was introduced to many great Malaysian professional musicians. He had the chance to jam along with Jamie Wilson at Waikiki Bar and with Tay Cher Siang at No Black Tie. Although he knew it is challenging to jam with the seasoned musicians but he braved himself and that experience total changed him into a different person.

Vai Leong has a dream of being a great session guitarist one day. It has driven him to be discipline, creative and friendly toward everyone including his students.

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