Drum Course

While being an extremely fun instrument to play, learning to play the drums has known benefits of physical fitness, mental stimulation and emotional well-being. It is especially suitable for energetic children who like to thump and pound on things or grown-ups who like high adrenaline hobbies. Researches have shown that the active component of drumming releases endorphins, a feel good chemical which boosts our mood!

With well-equipped studios, stages and recording facilities, MMW provides Drum Course which is designed in a way that prepares you to play in live-band settings where your skills and showmanship can be developed beyond the practice room. 

Our Drum Teachers
Our Drum Teachers

Exam Syllabus: ROCKSCHOOL
Grade: 1 to Diploma

  • Fees rate begin at RM190 for beginner level monthly.
  • Beginner level is for beginner under 12 years old only
  • This is a one-to-one, 30min class.
  • Please contact us for more information

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