Sales & Location FAQs:

Q: Are there any landmarks near Mega Music World showroom?

A: Yes, if you are coming from the city centre towards Cheras, you will pass by Toyota services centre, Old Town White Coffee, Pappa Rich and Mercedes Benz showroom. We are located in the next glass building —Wisma TT.

There’s another better idea! Just WhatsApp us at 0138312669 and we will send you our location!

Q : Do you open everyday?

A : Yup! We are open year-round (except on public holidays).

Please refer to the MMW calendar. [bottom of page]

Q: What kind of instruments do you sell?

A: We sell guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, piano, violins, ukulele, effect pedals, recording products and pro audio products.

We are the authorised dealer for many brands. You may them check here:

Q: Do you provide delivery and setup services?

A: You betcha!

We provide on-site services such as piano tuning, piano removal, drum installation/tuning, stage setup, pro audio installation and lighting installation at minimum rates.

Q: Do you ship to other states?

A: Yes. We ship our products anywhere. We even ship to other countries as well!

MMW uses CityLink as our official courier service. However, as our customer, you may choose whatever floats your boat!


Course Related FAQs:

Why MMW?

Q: What are the benefits of learning music at Mega Music World?

A: Apart from developing musical skills in MMW, we provide a wide variety of facilities from professional sound systems, jamming room, recording studio to recital halls for students to enhance their musical skills.

Q: What is the difference between MMW and other music centers? Why choose MMW?

A: Besides musical training, we believe in the importance of a good environment as well as good working staff.

Not only do we build students’ interests in music, we also strongly emphasize on developing good morales in students. This is in relation to our goal to flourish students into salutary people in today’s society.


Cancellation/ Replacement/ Temporary Stop

Q: Is there any replacement if students fall sick?

A: Yes. The MMW management will arrange the replacement if and when provided with substantial proof.

Eg: Medical Certificate proof

Q: Will a replacement class be arranged if the student takes MC leave without an MC?

A: Unfortunately, No.

There will be no replacements arranged for MC leave without an MC.

Q:  Can students change their class time before the class starts?

A: No. Rescheduling of lessons are only valid by informing the MMW administrator at least 2 days earlier.

Exceptions might be considered given reasonable reasons or supporting document proof.

Q: If a student requests for a two-week cancellation, is it possible for him to get a replacement for both classes?

A: Sadly, No.

Students are entitled to only ONE cancellation with replacement per month.

Q: Is it possible for students to change teachers?

A: Yes. You can rearrange the schedule and change teachers via the MMW management with a valid reason.

Q: What if I cannot attend class for a month but I still want to reserve my time slot?

A: You can apply for temporary stop and pay 50% of your fees to reserve your time slot.


Class Specifics

Q: How do you teach?

A: We teach fast-fasst-fast!

Within a month or two, students are able to perform simple tunes & rhythms with our individually customized lesson plans.

We promise our utmost care and attention towards the growth of each and every individual be it skill-wise or character-wise.

Q: What exam syllabus does MMW cater?

A: Currently, MMW is using the ABRSM and ROCKSCHOOL syllabus in students’ grading exams.

Q: Does MMW provide/prepare us for any performance?

A: No if(s), and(s) or but(s) about it!

We at MMW regularly organize events such as recitals, outdoor performances, the MMW Camps and the annual MMW Dream Concert.

Q: What is the difference between a one-on-one class and a group class?

A: One-on-One Pros: Lessons are specially tailored to the student’s specific needs and learning style.

Group class Pros:  Cost-effective. A good option for beginner/entry-level students who want to take their first steps into their music journey.

Q: Can I skip grades?

A: Yes. Every individual’s learning capabilities & progress is different and unique. Our teachers would evaluate your progress and advice accordingly.

Q : Are there any classes during public holidays?

A : Nope, our doors are closed on public holidays. Please refer to the MMW calendar [bottom of page]

Q : Are there any classes during MMW school term break and public school term break?

A : There will be no classes during MMW school term break; classes will go on as usual during public school term break.

Please refer to the MMW Calendar [bottom of page]



Q : How much are the course fees?

A : Click here for our fees rate

Starting as low as RM70/month.

Q : Can I get a refund for my Deposit and Registration fees?

A : Oops, sorry… Deposit and Registration fees are not refundable, but worry not, it will be used as the course fees for your final month.



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