Huan Hui Li

Piano Instructor

Hui Li embarked on the journey of music when she was 7 years old, when her mother prompted her to learn the piano in order to be able to serve God. 

Having studied in UCSI University as a music student, she believes that the foundation is very crucial for a musician, thus motivating her to instill the foundation of music in younger pianists. Classical piano pieces are what captivates Hui Li. She has plans to start a music school in the future, but for now, she intends to educate as many students as she can.

Hui Li is convinced that music is universal, stating, “Nobody is superior to anybody in terms of musical genre.” She also believes that to be a successful musician, hard work and determination are key, “Persist in your dreams, because you don’t know where you’ll be tomorrow.”

Qualifications and Notable Achievements:

  • ABRSM Piano Grade 5
  • Trinity Piano Grade 8
  • Associate Trinity College London (ATCL) in Piano
  • Won 2nd & 3rd place (Piano) in the Kota Kinabalu Music Festival
  • Won Gold in the Grand Pattaya 2014 7th International Choral Festival Thailand
  • Won 3rd place in the Orientale Concentus International Choral Festival, Singapore

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