Lim Kok Yen

Drum instructor

Lim Kok Yen has been actively serving in the Christian music ministry for as long as he can remember and occasionally gets invited to play for big events locally and internationally. In the early days, he gained his professional drumming experience being a full time musician. He joined numerous bands, including Free Flight, a local jazz band led by guitar meastro Jordan Rivers. His playing can also be heard on some tracks from Pastor Aris Siew’s “Together We Stand”, Pastor Ng Wah Lok’s hit gospel “Everytime I Pray” and Chinese Worship music pioneers, Pastor James Yee and Pastor Lim Gee Tiong’s live worship albums, “Whirlwind of Worship”.

If you are in the Christian community, you most likely would have heard of Kok Yen’s playing, as he plays in most major Christian rallies such as the festival of Praise in Merdeka Stadium with Reinhart Bonke, The Arise & Shine Worship Conference with the worship lead from Hosanna Integrity, Breakthrough 2000 in Putra Stadium and The Here To Life rally with Evengelist Steve Hill.

Lim Kok Yen now is a respectable drum teacher. Many of his students have become professional drummers and many others who have become teachers too.

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