Acoustic Guitar Grade 1 Book

RM 45.00

Acoustic Guitar Grade 1 by Ionian Music Academy


This  syllabus was written according to Rockshool Acoustic Guitar Syllabus and personal teaching experience.

The content of this book provide essential learning at this level are,
Techniques: Strumming, chords, counting tempo and rhythm etc.
Theories: musical note, note value, chord formation etc.

This book provide clear guidance for students to learn and teachers to teach. It assists to plan and keep track on techniques and basic theories. No songs are provided in this book as the trend of song changes in a short period, hence the book focuses on techniques and theories for contemporary music. Therefore, teachers should suggests songs appropriate to student’s level. Student may select songs of their favor and try it out with teacher. In addition, this book provide exercises on sight-reading, improvisation, scales and listening.


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