Fishman Loudbox 100

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Made in: China
Category: Acoustic amp
Condition: Very good
Rated Power:
Cumulative: 100Wrms
Woofer Amp: 90Wrms continuous
Tweeter Amp: 10Wrms continuous
All measurements @ nominal line 120V, 60Hz
Acoustic Response:
SPL @ 1 Meter 114dB SPL
Frequency Response 80Hz — 20kHz ± 4dB
Power Consumption: 150W max
Input Impedance:
Ch.1: 10M Ohm
Ch.2, 1/4″Jack (tip): 10M Ohm
Ch.2, 1/4″Jack (ring): 10M Ohm, 10k Ohm with 15V phantom power
Ch.2, XLR Input: 2.4k Ohm Balanced
Aux Input (stereo): 10k Ohm
Nominal Input Level:


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