Sonor Ascent 5-Piece Drumset

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(Pre-Loved) Sonor Ascent 5-Piece Beech Shell Drumset

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The revival of the famous Beech shell

The SONOR Ascent series marks the revival of the famous Beech shell construction that has been a trademark of SONOR throughout the decades. Equipped with the latest features and technology, the Ascent series is the perfect symbiosis between the Select Force and ProLite series of Drum sets. Any player, any style will appreciate the timeless quality and tremendous sound. Spectacular high-quality Sparkles, solid lacquered Finishes and stunning wood Veneers highlight the high-end look of the Ascent series. A feature taken from SONOR’s premium line SQ2 is the black chrome hardware with certain finishes underscoring the timeless design of the Ascent series. Get electrified with quality and sound in perfection!



  • Zildjian ZHT Cymbal Set
  • Sonor Original Hardware
  • Sonor Original Throne


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