Tapco S-8 Studio Monitor (Pair)

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Used Tapco S-8 Studio Monitor (Pair)

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Tapco S-8 is a bi-amplified, 2-way monitor speaker targeting the project studio market, featuring twin 60 Watt amplifiers, an 8″ woofer, and a waveguide-loaded 1″ tweeter. The speaker cabinets are internally damped to nullify vibration and reflection, and the rear panel chassis and front panel speaker frames are made of STEEL, or something like it. The punchy, extended low end output is enhanced by a port at the bottom of the rear chassis.

The S-8‘s also feature an input level control knob, a pair of rear panel High and Low frequency filter switches, 115-230 voltage switching, and both balanced and unbalanced connectivity.

The S-8 playback is comparatively neutral and hype-free, the cabinet and chassis are durable and well designed, and there’s just enough control to help keep things true to the room, but not enough to get yourself into trouble.

The Tapco S-8 is very moderately priced and represents a really good value. That’s Tapco by Mackie, by the way.

Biamplified 2-way speakers with dual 60 Watt amplifiers and active crossover
Magnetically shielded for use in close proximity to computer monitors
Neutral, revealing playback for critical listening; High SPL, low distortion
Waveguide-loaded tweeter for smooth high frequency response, reduced listening fatigue
Adiabatic foam-treated speaker cabinet interior, nullifies aberrant internal reflections and vibrations
Steel alloy rear panel chassis and speaker frames
High and Low frequency 3-way filter switches to optimize speaker output in room environment
Input level control knob
Balanced XLR and 1/4″ TRS, Unbalanced RCA inputs
Switchable Voltage power supply for international, transformer-free use
Power on and input Overload indicators on front panel

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