Ray Mak

Ray Mak graduated with a Degree in Finance & Operations Management at the University of Massachusetts. He has loved playing the piano since young. Although he has taken formal classes, he was not able to master reading the notes. He plays most of his songs by listening, following drum beats or the bass closely and fortunately, he is able to mimic the songs on piano that is close to the originals. At the same time, he loves  to improvise songs. Being so, Ray Mak kept playing the piano as a passion, uploading his piano covers to YouTube which drew people to love his videos. As years went by, he became one of the top 10 Malaysian YouTuber with over 240,000 subscribers. But the secret behind his success also lies in his marketing skills which he gained from years of training by YouTube and Google, mainly in USA, Singapore and Malaysia. Ray Mak facilitates the YouTube Music Course in Mega Music World. This is an 8 week intensive course to teach you how to utilise the already available platform from the internet giant and turn your ideas and talents into dollars. Please contact us for more information.