Stephanie Lim


Stephanie Lim grew up in a devoted Christian family. She get to know gospel music as early as she can remember but her formal music education only start at the age of 13 (Form 1), by learning classical piano. At the same age, Stephanie already began to serve in church as pianist, drummer and guitarist. Basically whatever the church require her service, she is ready to serve, and she has been doing so for more than a decade until her adult age.

In school, Stephanie is one of the top students in study. Her interest grew in science particularly in Biology. After graduate, she proceeded to study in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and she obtain her Bachelor Degree in Bioscience with Chemistry. But at the same time, her love towards music also grew stronger and this caused her hesitation on which career to pursue.

She decided to give both a try. She work in lab and had an internship in recording studio for a year, as well as teaching music in a few kindergartens. At last, she decided to follow her heart.

Now Stephanie is focusing on becoming a professional concert drummer, and educator.

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